Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This week Sissy Sparrows released an awesome new kit called 'Painted Yesterday' with an add-on pack of yummy overlays. Its a bright and pretty kit with lots of great ephemera to get you creating anything your heart desires. I followed the lead on a couple of the images in the pack which really influenced the theme of my CT pages...here's what I created.

'I Wear Armour'
Digital Credits:

I don't normally share alot about my personal life but some of you may know that I have been suffering from depression, if not well there it is you do now! Although I would say I am not clinically depressed there has certainly been that black dog nipping at my heels and an overwhelming sense of dread. Its not been a fun time the past few years and I've quietly lived with it for almost a decade and continually putting a big front on. People would see me as happy and vibrant but inside I was screaming, crying and just plain miserable.

It took some time but slowly it really caused me to shut down in many ways. Emotionally and physically I was a wreck and I completely lost myself for a while. The only thing that really kept me from sleeping in bed all day were my beautiful boys and the fact that I would cramp up lol. I buried myself in scrapbooking and of course my boys, whilst everything else was spiralling out of control.

Anyways,  I'm not one for medication although I probably should have opted for that a few times given I was feeling so lowly but I managed to just kept my head above water with some counselling and some serious soul searching. But really it all came down to something my son Tige did! 

I remember him saying one afternoon after we spent a day at home doing zilchomondo... 'Mummy I need to run up and down our street!'. Well, ummm...okay of course sweety. So I took him outside and watched how carefree and determined he was. 

It was then I knew that I didn't want to feel so disconnected with the world anymore and ultimately I needed to start making change and the first step is by simply moving. I know...honestly it was as simple as that and I owe it all to my little mentor. I learnt an important lesson not only that I needed to expend energy and regularly, but I needed to listen to my body and treat my mind to some solice! It took a bit of motivating but I have managed to get myself back to the gym. Since I started going, I've noticed an amazing change in my mental health. I seem more decisive, I am still flat at times but its early days. I have more energy, my competative streak is coming back, I am sleeping and I am no longer feeling lonely or completely useless which has gotta be a good thing.

 The added bonus I did not factor in is that I have met some lovely people there, its been fun training with such motivated and kind ones. The biggest thing I have discovered is that many of these people also suffered from depression and or anxiety (go figure), so I don't feel like such a failure. I know its silly to view yourself that way but thats how my depression manifested. So the gym has proven to be a caring and supportive community and I love it, and best part is I get to hang with Dan more now and build up a sweat just by watching him train! lol

So to cut an extra bloody long story short, the page below is of a photo of me taken about 6-7 years ago when I was feeling better about myself. Its where I'd like to get back to and is my goal. I want to experience that same sense of self again, full of confidence, being healthy and feeling foxy! 

'I WILL get my Foxy Back On!'
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Anyways thats enough about me but I will keep you posted on how things go. I just embarked on a 10 week programme and have the 'before' shot but wont share that until I have the 'after' shot to compare around Christmas so if youre interested stay tuned for the new me! ha ah

So back to Sissy Sparrows! The girls have also released some awesome new product lines this week. The first being Cardiology a great new line of handy printable gift cards, check them out below how cool are they!
They have also started a range of ATC making kits. The first kit is called 'In Flight' and its beautiful. This mini kit is perfect for Love and Ornithology swap themes just to name a few. I love the idea of being able to create a full sleeve of ATC's to share and swap with buddies and this is as easy as 1-Print, 2- Cut and 3-Paste. In the coming weeks Sissy Sparrows will be hosting some awesome ATC swaps too so I'll keep you posted on the details for those.

Here are a couple of ATC's I've made using the kit....meet Polly & Bob!

Here are the hybrid versions.

...ooh be careful you may get struck by cupid's arrow!

Finally on the Sissy Sparrows front, each month they host an Art Journal Challenge called 'The painted Nest'. I have been a bit snowed under the past few so have missed some.... oooooops! But, this month I made it a priority and had a play. Here are the prompts which include the freebie pack which you can grab from the Scrapbook Graphics Forum under the Challenges Tab. Inside the pack you will find the free elements which must be included in your creations along with the journal prompts and colour palette.

...and here is my take on the challenge.
'I Have No Regrets'
Digital Credits:
Sissy Sparrows| The Painted Nest Challenge #30 Freebie Pack

And last but not least Page Drafts new Release #34 went live yesterday.
Its a collection called 'Life of Pie'. There will be more of these collections showcasing some really fun and unique ways to create pie charts, who'd of thought these humble little charts would provide so much inspiration, but I can assure you there are tonnes of cool ideas out there so we'll continue to keep the mojo flowing with these in future releases, stay tuned there may even be a tutorial or two :)

Here is my project for the release and the sketch I used is below ;)
'Be Big'
Digital Credits:
Page Drafts Template #34.5 by The Nifty Pixel
Sissy Sparrows| Me and my Friends Collab Kit,

Page Drafts Sketch #34.5 by The Nifty Pixel

So thats it for today...thanks for visiting my blog and in advance for any comments you may leave me he he, hope you have a fabulous day! :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I have scrapped my biggest tally of 36 pages this month some of which I can't share until next month but gee its been a very productive 4 weeks lol. I really need to edit more photos though... jeepers I think I used all I've got and re-used plenty too!
Anyways hope you like the ones I am sharing today.

'Such a Gentleman'
Digital Credits:
Quirky Heart| My Manly Man Kit
One Little Bird| All Scratched Up Borders
Page Drafts Template #26.1 by The Nifty Pixel

'Rock a Bye Baby'
Digital Credits:
We Are Storytellers Collab Kit by The Lilypad Designers

'Wake Up Mummy!'
Digital Credits:

Digital Credits:
Forever Joy Designs| Stargazer Full Kit
Valorie Wibbens| Pockets No.3: The Basics

'Follow Your Dreams'
Digital Credits:
Forever Joy Designs| Stargazer Full Kit

'Smart Dresser'
Digital Credits:
Pink Reptile Designs| School's Cool KitCorked Alpha and Gesso It Vol.2 

Thank you for visiting my blog, hope your having a fabbo weekend so far!
Hugs Em xo

Friday, August 22, 2014


Time to share some more of my Guest Polly pages from over at The Lilypad.
This is my second lot of pages I've shared here on the blog and with my term nearing a close I still have more up my sleeve so figure I can squeeze one more post after this one in a weeks time, 
its been a big month he he

Hope you like this lot though ;)
'Picture Perfect'
Digital Credits:
Amy Martin| Timelines Vol.2
Sahlin Studio| Flashback Elements Pack

'You're My Happy Place'
Digital Credits:
Forever Joy Designs| Mamalogue Word Art
One Little Bird| Around Here Papers
Lacque Larsen| Newsies Paper Pack
Amy Martin| A Mix of Stars- Clear

Digital Credits:
Lynne Marie Desigsn| Artsy Journalling Stamps

This one is my sub for the August BYOC challenge.
'Hold My Hand'
Digital Credits:
Valorie Wibbens| Sprinkles Vol.26
Page Drafts Template #32.1 by The Nifty Pixel

'I Might Be a Dreamer'
Digital Credits:
Forever Joy| Day Dreamer Kit

'Sweet One'
Digital Credits:
Lynne- Marie Designs| Dakota Dreams Collab Kit with Vinnie Pearce
Valorie Wibbens| Pockets No.3: The Basics

'Trials May Come'
Digital Credits:
Lynne- Marie Designs| Dakota Dreams Collab Kit with Vinnie Pearce

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