Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well its been 5 nearly 6 years since we moved into our current place and although I will be sad to say goodbye I am so excited to be moving into our new home at the end of May...bring on the modern luxuries of dishwashers and dryers and extra space, we just wont know ourselves.

We just took delivery on our new modular lounge suite from Freedom which we have been cooing over all day it is!
So as you can imagine with the new couch comes the desire to completely overhaul everything I own and discard the old and hello baby in comes the new tee hee...

Anyways I have been flirting with the Vintage Industrial trend of decorating for some time now, and found some exceptional examples of this style on Ebay yesterday and in my excitement I had to share them with you, although I wont purchase these exact items(because they are in Melbourne)they are definitely the vibe I want to create in my house once we have moved in.
Trestle Table with industrial stenciling.

1950's Tripod Fan, scrummy!
gotta have the good old red high gloss school lockers for storage gee they make my heart race...
I am also gooing and gaaing for a rustic wooden dining table mixed with some modern Verner Panton stacking side chairs like these two little beauties, they so would make the perfect pair!
Okay well thats it for me today, little Birdie is getting grizzly now so had better scoot, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Here's a little site I stumbled upon and just had to share with you guys. If your anything like me and absolutely love those 'Keep Calm' posters here's a site that allows you to create your very own little beauty check it out HERE...

Now if you guys know me you'll know how much I love Tim Tam's so in my little chocolate driven world there isn't a better subject to posterize (yummmm) unless I can come up with something about woodgrain!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well hello everyone, welcome to the Birthday Blog Hop celebrating a year of fabulous colorful inspiration at The Color Room. Here's Palette #50...
If you have landed here you have probably come from the blog of the gorgeous and incredibly talented Emeline Seet, if so you are on the right track to be eligible for the fabulous 50th Palette prize which will be revealed later on! So remember to leave some love here in the comments below answering a question I have posted at the end of this entry before heading over to the blog of the  amazing and talented Emma Trout where you'll leave her some love too.

I am so excited to be joining the Design Team at The Color Room,its such an exciting experience to be working alongside the very talented and skilled scrap bookers of the forum and to rub shoulders with so many amazingly talented artists from around the world. 

For those of you who are new to my blog here's a little 'Up Close and Personal' snippet about me, I hope you like what you read and maybe (hopefully) come back for more visits :)
1: I am from the sunny Gold Coast, Australia and am currently designing for The Color Room.
2: I live with my wonderful husband and beautiful baby boy, Tige. We did have a gorgeous furry four legged friend 'Osky' the Kelpie X but sadly he is our angel puppy now as he passed on Christmas Eve aged 15...gosh I miss him terribly.
3: On my desk right now you will find a freshly brewed cup of coffee a couple of Tim Tams (okay the whole empty packet & a few crumbs), my spray adhesive and a messy pile of everything scrappy!!
4: My favorite colours to work with at the moment are quite seriously whatever Lydell decides for the week but before my Color Room addiction I loved using Yellow, Orange and grey actually anything citrus would get the mojo flowing!
5: My favorite themes would have to be recording the day to day stuff...the things, events and thoughts that could easily slip by without even a consideration, the true grit of my day like if I stubbed a toe or bidding for a must have on Ebay, ans of course Master Tige features frequently now!
6: Here's where I scrap...its definitely a cosy little nook & a much smaller space than what I am used to but with bubs arrival he needed a nursery more than I need an entire room to make a mess in...7: My scrapping process starts with me designing a quick sketch template or digital design before committing to paper, scissors & glue. It cuts down the fussing about time which I don't have a lot of now that I have a new born.
8: My all time favorite bite to eat is Chicken Green Curry with coconut rice, oooh I could go some of that right now... Take out here I come!
9: My top 3 tools are my Honey Bee scissors, circle cutter and pop dots, I couldn't create with out them in my kit, they are most definitely my right hand men-tools!
10: I get inspiration from Graphic design and its principles, visual art and my scrap booking friends.
11: Below is my layout or this weeks Palette... I have included a quick tutorial for you to have a go at if you like the flowers I made on my submission page.

In this layout I used some of my own digital designs, both the vintage slide mount and stylised measuring tape flowers
Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the flowers on Photoshop Elements and as a little gift to you here is the .png image of the Tape Measure Flower so you can have a go at making one yourself. Just right click on the image and select 'Save As'.

Open up the .png image of the measuring tape flower and adjust the colour to your desired tonal variation. This is done by pre-selecting the enhanced option and then highlighting the colour variations tab and then tweaking the midtones, shadows, highlights and saturation until you have the exact colour your looking for.
Once you have done that save your image as a high res .jpg file and load it into a blank word document. This enables you to copy and paste the image several times and render its size to your specifications. NB: You will need 3Xcopies of each flower to make 1 single flower.
As you can see here, I have copied the flowers several times and changed the tonal qualities to vary the colours. Then printed them at the highest dpi that your printer allows so you have a clean & crisp image.
Then you cut each flower out, using a pop dot layer 2 of them over the top of each other and curlt eh ends of the petals on the top layer, finally with the third flower cut the center circle out and pop dot that on top again to create the face of the flower. I used some dimensional magic on the circle to create some more texture and definition.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my blog please feel free to try this technique on your challenge this week. Come and join the Color Room and participate HERE

Don't forget to leave a comment answering the question below to be in the running for this weeks special prize.
What is one of my favorite colors?

Thank you so much for stopping by, next you are heading to Emma's Blog HERE, can't wait to see what she has done with the palette!
Thanks so much for participating and pop in to say hello over at the Color Room.

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